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 Welcome to Custom Sweeps.

Custom Sweeps has developed a wide variety of new ergonomic copyrighted sweeps designed for superior results in hand laminating of composites.

     It is important that laminators have a complete selection in their toolboxes to do an efficient job. For example, would a good auto mechanic only have a crescent wrench? Composite parts come in many configurations. Just as each nut or bolt may require a different wrench, each composite part may require a different design of sweep with different radiuses, flats, and handles.

     The problem with using only one sweep or the wrong shaped sweep is that it is inefficient and causes fatigue and strain, which can result in carpal tunnel syndrome,

     All of the sweeps listed in the brochure are made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW). Material certifications are provided with each order for verification that our sweeps meet BAC 5317, BAC 5419, BAC 5575, and other aerospace specifications.

     Our black logo on each sweep is your assurance that the sweeps from Custom Sweep meet these rigid specifications.

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